Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fear in bed

It happened in the middle of the night.
A car was heard approaching the Fuso Szulc.
Someone got out and walked towards the door of the expedition vehicle.
This was opened and from the movements of the Fuso Szulc it could be understood someone got inside.
Laying in bed there was surprise.
Who would like to come into the Fuso Szulc in the middle of the night.
Immediately the light was switched on and the body moved into a sitting position.
A man was standing near the kitchen counter and he was unknown.
Not recognized as a friend or acquaintance or someone from the area.
Dressed in dark clothes and a grim look on his face.
Cold dark eyes and a rather unkempt mustache.
The uninvited intruder was asked why he had come into the Fuso Szulc.
But he gave no reply.
He was just standing there like he was in a trance.
And the feeling about the situation turned negative.
Obviously the intentions of the man were not good.
It was realized how vulnerable the situation was.
Sitting naked in bed with the Mag-Lite torchlight, a possible defense weapon, on the office table too far away.

The man seemed to come out of his trance.
Or his contemplation.
From his trousers he pulled a knife.
Long and obviously sharp.
He raised his arm and drove the weapon deep into the body of the person on the bed.
Withdrew it and plunged the knife one, two, three more times more into the defenseless victim.
The bed became a pool of blood.
The body without any life.

Once he was sure the person was dead, he searched for valuables.
Money, travel documents, computers.
Loaded everything in his car and drove off.

Two nights ago this horrific fantasy came to mind.
As it does about twice a year.
Laying in bed with the door of the Fuso Szulc wide open, with no weapons for defense available, with goods of value to people with bad intentions, in a society where people are robbed of their shoppings when they come out of the supermarket, where people are murdered in most cruel ways due to the drugs war, it was realized what kind of most vulnerable situation this was.
And deep fear was felt.
Under the blanket admitting to be very much afraid.

The thing with fear is that it comes and it goes.
Most of the time this situation of living in a camper in the boondocks with the door open doesn't result in feeling afraid or threatened or a possible candidate to be killed and robbed.
Of course each time assessments are made whether a situation is safe or not.
A risk calculation is always made when deciding to stay somewhere.

However, this is a rational process.
And sometimes the emotions have their way.
To tremble of fear.


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