Thursday, February 18, 2010

The neighbours

There has been a time when all the stones close to the Fuso Szulc in the dry river bed at Punta Boca del Salado, Baja California, Mexico were put in a pile.

A heap of stones that eventually took the shape of an ocean steamer.
Well, an ocean steamer, an ocean steamer: this only when the imagination is having a good day.

At the time it could not be explained why this activity took place.
Except as to say that sometimes one must do something that makes no sense.
As is often the case in making art.
One makes shoes because people wear them.
But to make art is to respond to demand that is not there.
So in order to remain experienced in doing senseless things, to train as an artist, the ocean liner was build.

This was a few years ago and a surprising thing then took place.
Two huge iguanas made the heap of boulders their home.
What was made without knowing why, turned out to be the place to live for two creatures.

For two years the ocean liner has not been touched.
There was no more inspiration and motivation to haul more boulders.

Meanwhile, the iguanas continued to live there.
Having a home for several years now.


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