Saturday, February 13, 2010


Some time ago a few matches of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament were seen on a large sized high definition TV in California, USA.

The focus of the audience in that living room in front of the high definition TV was on the matches of the female tennis players.
The weather was very warm in Australia, but even if that is not the case, female tennis players usually wear a tight fitting shirt and very short skirts.
Revealing most of their bodies.

Therefore it can be said these girls are rather brave.
And free of inhibitions.
In the end, they enter an arena where a large audience is watching while TV secures millions of people worldwide of every detail.
Meanwhile, the girls are dressed in little nothings.
And are aware people will not only enjoy their skills in tennis, but also lust after their bodies.

This is rather different from male tennis players.
They wear loose fitting shirts.
And often long loose fitting shorts.
Revealing nothing of their bodies as only hairy underarms and underlegs.

As a female tennis player it must not be a problem to make oneself vulnerable to enter an arena in front of millions showing sometimes the underwear when jumping high or bending over.
To reveal cleavage when awaiting a service.

It is mysterious why female tennis players have such a specific dress code that is so different from the male players.
If it is about tennis only.

Therefore dress codes in tennis should be changed.
Either the female tennis players start dressing like the men.
Or the male tennis players must wear tight shirts and very short and tight pants.
So not only guys high on testosterone enjoy watching tennis.


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