Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sweet sleep

There are people among us who suffer of insomnia.
Inability to sleep.

This is not a good thing because someone unable to sleep at night, usually starts thinking and rarely in a happy way.
There will be worrying.
Resulting in tossing and turning.
Extending the time of the insomnia.

The fervent and loyal blog readers will be offered now, free of charge, several ways of avoiding insomnia.
And the fervent and loyal blog readers are invited to substitute to this list by making a comment with their own recommendation how to avoid sleeplessness.

When you wake up at night, go to the bathroom immediately.
Even if there is no urge to empty the bladder.
Try to pee anyway and return to bed.
7 out of 10 times the person will fall asleep again immediately.

When unable to sleep, lay on your back.
Spread your arms and legs.
Focus on the muscles of your body.
With your mind, instruct the muscles one by one to relax.
Feel the relaxation that will come over you.
This approach stops the mind from worrying.
And the relaxed body will want to sleep.

Put a lighthearted but interesting book next to your bed.
As soon as you notice you can't sleep, switch on a soft light and immediately start reading the book.
Don't give yourself time to think.
Thinking when sleepless is worrying, remember ?
Read the book until you feel sleepy again.
Switch off the light and try to sleep.
If the sleep doesn't come, repeat procedure.

Before to go to sleep, make a walk in fresh air.
And drink a cup of "Sleepy Time"-tea.
Don't watch TV before to go to sleep.

Masturbation is an often effective method to fight insomnia.
But only for single persons of course.
Once it is noticed sleep has ran away and worries have come, imagine your favorite erotic fantasy.
And go from there.
Preferably all the way.
After the orgasm the body has let go of so much tension and energy, a good sleep will come instantly!
Tip for the males among us: have always a box of Kleenex stand-by to clean up the mess.

If the insomnia is really serious and happening every night, use a product called "Melatonin".
It is a product from nature.
Not chemical.
It is equal to a liquid the brain produces when sleepy.
The body responds then to this liquid, relaxes and sleeps.
Taking "Melatonin" is fooling the body without doing any damage.

If you suffer of sleeplessness and you share your bed with a partner, possibilities are different compared to those among us who sleep alone.
You could wake up your partner and start a conversation about how George Bush is doing these days.
In a short while you will sleep or be knocked unconscious.

Have a radio near your bed.
As soon as you notice you are sleepless and the mind starts spinning, switch on the radio.
Preferably, listen to talkradio.
About extra terrestrials or the influence of Homer on Shakespeare.
The results of the basket ball matches in Taiwan are also good stuff to listen to when suffering of insomnia.
You will notice that the longer you listen, the harder it is to follow what they say.
Because you are drifting away.
Exactly to where you want to go: to a state of peaceful sleep!

The ultimate way to avoid insomnia is to simply not go to sleep.
To stay awake all night.
Probably you find yourself then in the morning on the couch vastly asleep.

For sure several fervent and loyal blog readers have even better suggestions how to deal with insomnia.
Let us know, for Christ's sake.
Send in your comment with your solutions.


Dawn Pier said...

Get a great deal of exercise (not just a walk) and fresh air during the day.

Meditate for a min. 10 minutes each day and you will train your mind to relax instantly and your worries will disappear as well.

Do yoga!

**note: I disagree with the suggestion to read - as making the mind active in bed is what is the problem in the first place. And also, I disagree that it is only men that should be sure to have kleenex handy by the bed should they choose the masturbation method to induce sleep! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I use chloroform.
Is very effective.
Jack R.

Anonymous said...

A sleeping mask and ear plus helps too.

Anonymous said...

We use toilet paper.
Not to sleep but to clean the mess.
Steven and John.

Anonymous said...

I smoke a joint before to go to sleep like a log.