Monday, January 8, 2007

Eskimos in Mexicos

Human beings come equipped with a set of emotions. Like the Eskimos have about 23 names for snow and sleep naked together, we have many names for our emotions as well, while some of us sleep naked together also.
Today, because of the departure from the Gonzales family after 45 days, we put in the limelight two of the 23 emotions, namely melancholy and nostalgia.
Melancholic emotions are purple and multisided of shape while nostalgic emotions are greyish black and round of shape.
They both are manifest with insisting Northwestern winds and when leaving to the North from somewhere.
But this only when the time passed has been of an extraordinary quality.
Some examples responsible for causing melancholy and nostalgia in this particular case.
  • The early morning rising, before the sun has appeared on the horizon, to go to the beach with a fishing pole to give the creatures in the sea the impression of being there fishing.
  • The first daily connection to the Internet and the observation of the e-mails streaming in while drinking a cup of strong Twining’s Irish Breakfast Tea.
  • The Pookey’s coming to make trouble around the Lazy Daze motor home indicating they are ready to drink their daily bowl of fresh milk they want to be served pronto.
  • The simple lunch with toasted bread and cheese and lots of fruit followed by a siesta laying in the warm sun improving the tan.
  • The hour-long walk along the sea in the company of the Pookey’s who recently had their first swimming lesson.
  • The meditation in the warm Mexican sun hearing the Tibetan Bowls of German Klaus Wiese.
  • The friends coming by for a chat and sharing the experiences in life and therefore a laugh or two.
  • The challenge to keep up the gruelling discipline of running every day, recently topping 1 hour, 12 minutes and 17 seconds.
  • Eating with the Gonzales family and Ketcha asking: “Poco mas de frijoles, Miguel?”.
  • Walking back to the motor home under billions of stars and having no clue what the next day’s blog will be about.
  • Going to sleep after a day full of wonderful activities hearing the sound of the waves softly landing on the nearby beach while sweetly thinking of the Princess.

All this creates melancholia and nostalgia when it is time to go. It is concluded it will all be left behind. It will be there no more.
Next, one may drown in the own tears, which is a silly way of dying, while in fact we must realize that melancholia and nostalgia are very wonderful snowflakes.
Imagine we are somewhere for a while and we can’t wait to leave because it is all so horrible? Resulting in being very happy to depart? What has been going on, eh? Not very nice things, Eskimos will conclude.
But if departure moves out enwrapped in snowstorms of nostalgia and melancholia, it only tells us the time passed has been wonderful, excellent and fabulous.
That is a compliment to life.
And the really great thing is that nostalgia and melancholy makes us ready to long and love to go back. To return to the good times. “Snowflakes fields forever”, as those Eskimos called the Beatles were singing.
After the departure the nostalgia and the melancholy make us reminiscence and inspire us to plan a return.
How happy we will be to come back because how wonderful those 45 days have been.
Muchas gracias, familia Gonzales.Muchas gracias, la vida y los Esquimales.

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Anonymous said...

Saudade, a longing for....
a sadness to depart and step into the future, what a wondrous rich feeling of joy for life...

Anonymous said...

What has Haagen-Dasz icecream to do with Eskimoes, I ask.