Sunday, January 28, 2007

A strange meeting

A strange night with no sleep but a lot of thinking.
More a circling of thoughts like objects spiralling in a spinner. To stop this useless process the Comedy Channel of XM radio was used as a diversion.

The advantage of a sleepless night is that there is no waking up to do. Making it possible to be driving already on the road north at the break of day.

The endless roads of Baja California through empty landscapes not changed since its creation.
No traffic on this early Sunday morning far away from human population.
Driving on a long stretch of road a woman was standing right in the middle of the road.
Coming closer she spread her arms and nothing else could be done then to stop the Lazy Daze.
The woman was old. Dressed in a long dark-yellow robe.
Impressive. Friendly. Wise.

Getting out of the Lazy Daze and approaching the old woman the following conversation entailed:

“Good morning. I am sorry but you are blocking the traffic”
“You know me”
“Ha, I don’t know you. I never met you. Who are you?”
“I am Mirkash, the concierge of Shangri-la”.
“This here is not exactly Shangri-la, Mrs. Mirkash, let alone any concierging needs to be done at this nowhere place”.
“You know me because I am here to tell you that you are not grounded inside yourself”.
“What do you mean, Mrs. Mirkash? Not grounded inside myself? I know who I am”.
“You are a sad man these days, no?”
“This is true, Mrs. Mirkash”
“You are a sad man because you made yourself sad.”
“No, Mrs. Mirkash, it is what the Princess did what makes me sad.”
“Listen carefully: your Princess is an illusion. There is no Princess. You projected all kinds of fantasies and desires on a beautiful and interesting girl. Obviously she doesn’t conform to your exaggerated imaginations and that makes you feel disappointed and sad.”
“I must admit you hit the hammer on the nail, Mrs. Mirkash.”
“Let go of the illusions and return in your bases. Be who you are. Do what you are good at.”
“I am good in making pictures! Mrs. Mirkash, can I make a picture of you?”
“Of course. Go ahead, make a picture of me here in the middle of the road in Mexico before I return to Shangri-la.”


Anonymous said...


Do not despair. Love lost is cruel. You must remain you for the healing to take place.

TiogaRV said...

Mirkash was my great grandmother on my mother's side of the family. And I agree with her completely!

Sometimes it is a fantastic thing for a vagabond to not sleep at nite. Brings clarity and peace to the troubled mind!

Anonymous said...

It was me!

Desert Diva said...

Give yourself time to heal over the loss of an important relationship. Someone wonderful is waiting for you...