Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our lives to love.

In Mexico is a Governmental organisation called DIF. This stands for “Desarrollo Integral de la Familia”.
It offers a wide range of social services to the population and this for free.
One of those services is the opportunity for physically and mentally challenged children to be close to animals.
The “Programmo de Equinoterapia Alternativa de Rehabilitation”.
In Ciudad Constitucion, Mexico, is a stadium formerly used for rodeos and bullfights. Nowadays inhabitants of the town owning horses make them available so that collaborators of the DIF can offer physically and mentally challenged children a ride on a horse.
Yesterday it was Brian’s big day. He is a 7-year-old severely challenged boy weighing only 17 kilos (37 pounds).
He was put in the arms of a caring and sweet DIF-man on a peaceful horse and another DIF-collaborator was walking the horse around and around.
The smile on the face of Brian was telling everything. He deeply enjoyed the experience.
His mother was watching very satisfied seeing her son having such a good time.

There is a beauty in this event.
The good side of people being demonstrated.
Not often do we learn of these pearls of society.
Let us open up for it and share the goodness and the beauty.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thank you for sharing this - it was heartwarming and heart opening.

Ericka Hiatt said...

I used to work with the "Riding for the Handicapped" program in Los Altos, CA - I have owned horses for years. The most amazing thing about this program is that horses understand that the children are not strong, and seem to have a sixth-sense about being careful and gentle. I have watched a mare, difficult for adults to ride, walking on eggshells with a baby on her back. I have seen a child fall under a horse, and the horse stop with his leg in the air, the child clutching his other leg, unmoving until a volunteer hurried over to help the child up. Amazing! I'm so happy to know that this program exists in Mexico as well!