Sunday, January 7, 2007


VOIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol” and makes it possible to make phone calls through the Internet. One of the major companies offering this option is SKYPE. When registered with SKYPE phone calls can be made for free to other persons also registered with SKYPE. When the computer is equipped with a web cam, which is a video camera, you can actually see the other person speaking. This in case the person has directed the lens of the camera towards the face. Some people point the camera for example to the view from the window. There is also the possibility to have a credit with SKYPE and use their system to make phone calls at low cost to ordinary telephones, to have an on-line answering machine and a telephone number in any country a customer wishes.
SKYPE is really fabulous and has by now more than 7 million people subscribed.
The Lazy Daze motor home is equipped with a Datastorm Internet System. On the roof is a satellite disk that can find by itself the Satmex 5, which is the assigned satellite. Through a router and other electronic equipment, inside and outside the motor home is access to the Internet, thanks to WIFI.
Sitting outside with the MacBook Pro laptop computer from Apple one can talk to anybody in the world in all comfort.
However, the transmission speed of the data upwards is lower than coming down. This often results in hearing the person talk while that person cannot hear anything from this end.
But today was magical. The Princess, who has SKYPE as well, was on line and because probably the Gods are favourable to us, we could speak and see with no transmission problems at all.
We talked for over an hour and what an experience that was. There is a very specific energy between us. It is like lifting each other up to heaven. Feeling better and better by the minute.
This incredible excitement arising is also caused because we are thinking now about the Princess coming to the USA next month to travel together for a while.
That would be the most wonderful thing to happen.
It appears that this is how the flow of the river wants to go in our lives and only too much thinking, which will always present reasons why not to have us travel together, can sabotage this.

Even more excitement is caused because tomorrow is the day of departure. After 44 days with the Gonzales family at Punta Boca del Salado the caravanserai will travel to La Paz. This nice and friendly town is at a 5 hours drive north from Punta Boca del Salado. From La Paz an Alaska Airlines Boeing 727 will fly to Los Angeles on Wednesday.
On Thursday will be the meeting with Mr. Paul Westphal from SANTEK, the company who is going to build the camper on the Mitsubishi Fuso FG truck. To discuss all the many details involved when having a camper custom build. Every detail will be scrutinized before to decide on it. This Mitsubishi Fuso FG truck, reported Mr. Ron McRoberts, the most friendly and efficient salesperson from Kearny Mesa Truck Centre in San Diego, has been delivered to SANTEK already and is waiting for its new owner. In Jupiter Green, just as the Princess wanted.
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