Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"A clockwork orange" part 2

Yuriria is a 22-year-old woman studying ecological tourism at the University of La Paz in Mexico.
She has been twice the regional champion of chess.
This is what she has to tell us about the film “A clockwork orange”.
My brother Ivan has bought the DVD of this film in Mexico City for 10 pesos. (0,70 Euro-0,92 $). I know it is an illegal copy. Ivan bought this DVD because the film is a classic and everybody everywhere talks about it.

I find “A clockwork orange” a fun and interesting movie. It not only shows problems, but feelings as well. The colours and images are really fun and the fantasy words are modern. Oh, I didn’t know that the words and story were by Anthony Burgess from 1962… Also the music and the clothes are fantastic.
There is violence in this film but you don’t feel it so bad because it is funny.
This main character, Alexander, he was lucky when he was bad but unlucky when he was a good man.
It is difficult if you are only bad or only good. In both cases you have problems.
The politicians in the film are interesting because they don’t care about the mental health of the individual. They only think of politics. Of being in power and of the general opinion of the public.

What is the solution for violence?
I think family is very important. The relationships in the family. And education.
Moral values come more from the family than from religion. Religion makes people aggressive in many cases. Look at the fundamental Muslims for example. Look at the man in the film: in prison he was studying religion and only thinking and having fantasies about violence.
The two faces of religion: which side do you choose?

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TiogaRV said...

Values are the fundamental source of direction in a person's life. A value system may begin anywhere [religion or family], but must eventually be based on an individual's deliberate and painstaking written down work.

It is interesting to reflect, Michel, that Yuriria is quoted about her brother's purchase of a "A Clockwork Orange" DVD.

Quote: "I know it is an illegal copy." Yuriria then sets aside her own values, with:
Quote: "Ivan bought this DVD because the film is a classic and everybody everywhere talks about it."

Whatever the movie "A Clockwork Orange" is, it certainly is NOT a fun movie. It is a movie about an emotionally skewed person, whose views of his existance are not even closely related to a reality that would work under any circumstance.

A person must be able to view such a film as this, from the perspective of identifying with with the victims who are raped, murdered and beaten to within an inch of their lives.

That Yuriria has not even a clue to this kind of identification, is in my opinion very telling. Perhaps she may one of those that needs to feel bitter violence in her own life, to her ownself, in order to cross that bridge?

A sorry testimony to the case that some people [ie; Yuriria] do not have a handle for the path their lives should take.

This proverb certainly applies here:
"If you do not know where you are going, any road will get you there."