Friday, January 26, 2007

A most dramatic event

A most dramatic event has taken place yesterday with serious consequences. The Princess made herself fall from her throne. She crashed down and is now crawling among the ones to be pitied. The planned intention to travel and work together had to be cancelled.
What was causing such a twist of events? A beautiful and interesting road ahead dissolving in polluted air?
It came to be known yesterday, that the Princess, now simply known as Marta S. , has been involved all the time of her reign with what was supposed to be her ex-boyfriend.
She had declared many months ago she was finished with him. Since then she made believe she was by herself. Free. Living on her own.
However, while enjoying the courtship, she continued her relationship.
Yesterday, revealing out of the blue that her relationship had not been finished as she had told before, her proposition was to travel and work together anyway while continuing that relationship.
Not often a proposition of these idiotic dimensions is made.

Marta S. explained many times she was in a dead end street. Not successful in her work. At the end of the relationship with her boyfriend of 5 years. Fed up with the city and the country she was living in. Ready to jump. Liberate herself from suffocating circumstances. Face new challenges. Create new opportunities. Discover ways to successfully express herself. Have opportunities to make money.
But there is a difference by saying those things and actually doing them. She was lucky to get into a situation, becoming the Princess, that her dreams and ambitions became possible. However, that is confrontational. To say that to parachute is fun and actually jump out of a plane are two different things altogether.
Her current situation exists not by accident. Obviously a wrong approach has been applied. Feelings of inferiority and insecurity are responsible for her not being successful in the different aspects of life and work. And now these feelings of inferiority and insecurity block courage and initiative to jump, liberate herself and get out. The feelings keep her in the misery she so much hates.

Her hiding for months the relationship she had claimed was finished and accepting courtship anyway doesn’t have the characteristics of being evil or mean.
Marta S. is a lovely and wonderful woman.
Life is just too big for her right now.

How about the courtshipper? How does he feel? To loose a Princess and witness her to become a Marta S. among the ones to pity must not be an easy experience.
Initially overwhelmed by disappointment and sadness, the long conversations with friends and their assistance in seeing the situation in an objective way, helped tremendously to stop the bleeding. The wounds are closing now and the pains are subsiding.
In spite of what happened though, in the heart a small and special place has been cleared to always memorize the Princess.


Desert Diva said...

I found your weblog through Tioga George's link. I'm sorry that your relationship didn't work out. It seems that love is difficult to find, and once discovered even more difficult to maintain. The best of luck to you with your search for love, photography, and travels.

Anonymous said...

I pray for the quick healing of your heart. It's best to find out the truth of a matter sooner rather than later, but in cases like this it's never easy to hear it. God give you strength to keep on keeping on.