Monday, January 1, 2007

Heaven in 2007

The night we enter heaven to live in twothousandseven. It is a full moon in a clear sky. The Sea of Cortez is calm although the wind has not stopped blowing. It is unusually cool for the time of the year. We walk on the beach and we talk about our lives. How we try to have lives in relationship to other people that are good. To be with others in harmony. In a way that it makes sense. In a way that it has meaning. For ourselves, but most of all for the persons involved in our lives.
In this nightly conversation on the beautiful beach at this special occasion of the new year, there is understanding, support and encouragement.
We say: happy new year.

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Anonymous said...

Every new year begins with hopes of a better and more succesful year ahead. This year we should all hope for a world of peace. Each of us should strive to understand and tolerate our differences and help those who are weaker and suffering from oppression by the bullies of the world. May we all look to our innerselves, find faults and strive to eliminate them from our lives.