Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lazy Daze and Fuso Santek

Many experts say that a Lazy Daze is the best motor home build in the USA. If you want to purchase a new one, you can order a Lazy Daze from the factory in Montclair, California and you are put on the waiting list. It takes 6 to 9 months before you can enjoy owning this magnificent motor home. There are no dealers having new Lazy Daze’s in stock. Only way to buy a new one is straight from the factory.
But then you have the Rolls Royce among the motor homes. It is very well designed. Very well built. From first class materials with best skills.
It is unique in the USA to find a recreational vehicle of such a high quality in that price range.
Travelling and living in a Lazy Daze is like residing in a palace. A tremendous joy to be surrounded by such high quality, ingenuity and craftsmanship.
There are different Lazy Daze models to choose from but the most popular one is the 26.5 MB. It is 26.5 foot long, which is slightly more than 8 meters, and the great thing is that the floor plan has the bath in the centre of the motor home. This offers a living room in the back where travellers are surrounded by three sides having huge windows. There is no other motor home on the market in the USA with this fantastic option. In the front is the kitchen with next to it a comfortable dinette and this gives the feeling of having different rooms. The dining room in the front and after passing through a corridor where is the bathroom entrance we arrive in the living room. The bathroom itself is as big as many in Paris hotels. Spacious and easy to manoeuvre when soaping the body. Great thing is that above the shower space is a dome giving beautiful soft light and avoiding it feels like being in a small space. A huge wall-to-wall mirror above the bathroom counter and sink also obtains this effect.
There are many details in a Lazy Daze which are a pleasant surprise and very useful. Like a switch near the bed-pillows to have a soft floor light midway the motor home when needing to exit the bed at night.
People may think that to drive a 26,5 foot or 8 meters long motor home is a hard thing to do. But not this Lazy Daze. In fact it feels like driving a van. Very smooth. Very easy. Very elegant. This is because of a powerful V10 engine that is surprisingly low on MPG. And because of the power steering and automatic transmission. Helpful is also the backup camera when parking or manoeuvring the motor home into a bay of a trailer park. In the sun visor the flat colorscreen is build and the camera has a wide angle.

For most people it is not an issue at all, to the contrary, but travelling and living in a Lazy Daze is being in the space of someone else. Because somebody else designed the mobile palace. Somebody else decided about the floor plan, the equipment, the colours, etc. It is like moving into a suite of a hotel. Motor home owners have no problem with that: they decorate the interior with their pictures and paraphernalia and make it their own. They completely accept the motor home and feel one with it.
Also, a Lazy Daze comes with all the necessities most people like to have around them. Like an oven, a microwave, a television with antenna on the roof, air conditioning and a powerful generator.

Nevertheless, this Lazy Daze will soon have a new happy owner…

The self-designed Fuso Santek has everything exactly as wanted. Thirty years of experience living in motor homes is bundled into this RV. Floor plan, equipment, colours, choice of materials, etc. Up to the smallest detail it is the result of a deliberate and critical choice. Therefore it becomes a truly personal environment like feeling at home in a self-build house.
Necessities found in a Lazy Daze, but never used in this personal and exceptional case, like the air-conditioning, the generator and the television, are not present in a Fuso Santek.
But there are 4 large batteries and 4 solar panels. An 80-gallon/300-litre fresh water tank and a 26-gallon/100-litre propane tank.
Very large roof vents and a ventilator-free furnace, not available on the US-market, are imported from Europe.
The new Fuso Santek will be similar to this one, build by Renaissance Universal Fabrication Inc.

Very unusual for the USA is the colour of the Fuso Santek. The Princess and her admirer have chosen for Jupiter Green.

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