Monday, December 11, 2006


A blog results not only in loyal readers posting comments, but also concerned readers sending e-mail messages.
Today’s blog therefore is devoted to updating on subjects of blogs from the recent past.

The two puppies.
They are doing relatively well. Each day they get food but it turns out that even special puppy’s dog-food is too early for them. He goes to Ketcha each day and makes her give him about a litre of fresh milk and this the puppies love to drink. They drink and drink until their bellies are round like a tennis ball. They have taken domicile under a low table on Alfredo’s porch where they feel safe. When he comes to care for them, they appear and are very happy. This not just for the food they are going to get, but he caresses and cuddles them and they having no more mother too early, drown in his love for them. However, they are entertaining a colony of flees on their body and this is no good. Tomorrow he goes to town with his friend Tery and they will hunt for an anti-flee cure for puppies.
Meanwhile, the Gonzales are getting used to have the two puppies around. Their original objection is changing now into amusement with his involvement in the puppies and this they respect and step-by-step they get into accepting the two new members of the community.

The Tree project.
He had this idea for quite some time. But was hesitant to embrace it fully to come out with it into the open. He did, by debuting it on this very blog, and he has to realise by doing so, that the project has actually started. Several loyal blog-readers responded and all very positive. A tree and the focus on it trigger something. He has the feeling now it is a good idea. An idea which was presented here and which we will see grow up. To develop in unimaginable dimensions.

Gorba, the goat killer and aggressor of American ladies.
This dog is still tied with a chain to a tree. It is simply impossible to let Gorba loose. This dog will attack and kill goats again. And he has no more confidence in the dog after he attacked friend Mimi. But Gorba manages to break his heart every day. When he passes by the tree to which Gorba is chained at the end of the day to have dinner with the Gonzales, Gorba starts to bark in a way loaded with desperation, sadness and grief. It makes him feel so bad. This emotional barking is worse than a child crying and he hates to be so sentimental. During the night he wakes up because of Gorba barking in long, sad monologues, protesting his confinement. But what can he do? One day he took Gorba off the tree and tied him up to his motor home. Gorba very happy. Until Gorba saw somebody walking on the beach who happened to be Mimi. Gorba started aggressively and violently barking and he could see how Mimi got afraid, turned around and hurried back home. Gorba back to the tree…
Being chained up is not good for Gorba’s mental state. Gorba is becoming a worse dog than he was. But what to do? He is unable to find a better solution. In the end, it is Gorba who started to entertain this new hobby of killing goats…

The Princess.
She called him. And made him see he has been very wrong in his attitude towards her. He apologised to her and promised not to have central and foremost anymore his expectations towards her. To accept her who she is with her reality of living and working.
It was a very impressive communication. He couldn’t believe it was he saying the things he said to her.
She is such a powerful and exceptional woman.
Now all this nonsense of saying that butterflies were leaving his belly bottom is down the drain. He is in a lot of self-trouble again. It is beyond logic and beyond being rational and being in control. Not only are the butterflies back in his belly but also there are vicious bears and venomous snakes as well.
He is not very good in handling this menagerie but the Princess is a sweet and fabulous educator.

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