Friday, December 29, 2006

The PS-series 3

We had been making pictures very far away, high up in the mountains, and were driving back in the Landrover over the rough road.
Out there in nowhere we suddenly saw a woman of about 45 years old with a dog on the leash walking down the mountain.
We were surprised to see a woman by herself so far from civilisation and also wondered why her dog was on a leash and not roaming around freely.
We started to have a conversation about women of 45+ years old. Women who have in their life no more man to love and compensate this by having a dog.
We wondered what the social implications were for a 45+ years old woman having a dog.
This conversation went in extensive details and took a long time and after about 20 minutes driving down the mountain, almost returned to the village, we were suddenly shocked by what we saw.
Right in front of us was another woman of about 45 years old with a dog walking up the mountain….

This experience with Isabelle M├Ęge in Cadaques, Spain, on the 17th of June 2002, is a true story.
It shows we cannot trust reality. Reality is not a fixed entity following our idea of logic. When having a high level of awareness, many peculiarities can be noticed in the events happening around us. Often absurd, stunning, surprising, puzzling.
Many people close their eyes for these demonstrations of reality because it is so unsettling.
That is a dangerous thing to do because a mind closed cannot evolve to higher levels of understanding.
While that is essential for the survival of humankind.

In the sequences, the VISTA pictures and now in the PS-series it is exactly about this.
Refusing to accept reality as a stable and unshakable set of known parameters.
2 and 2 is not always 4.
Maybe, sometimes, it is 5.
When having this approach, the most amazing things can be observed.
Contrary to paranormal phenomena, like telekinesis or clairvoyance, in photography it is about the flexibility of perception in real time and real terms.
We see something while we know it is beyond our set of standards for perception.
We see something while knowing it cannot be true and wonder: is it a new version of reality due to a visual awareness too limited?
Is the concept of what is considered true maybe not always applicable?
The imagination, through the PS-series, is upgraded.
The volume of it expanded and made more flexible.
A very good exercise because the brains are taught not to remain in patterns and in limited frames of thinking but to enter the new and unknown.
Especially recommended for politicians.

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