Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Chair crash

The winner of the fierce competition to be invited for dinner as the 1.000th visitor of this blog is:
Mr. Douglas Haynes from Edmonton in Canada.

We congratulate him warmly with his victory.
However, Mr. Haynes in an e-mail wrote: “I have to admit I was logging in often to hit the magic number”.
That is why the jury has decided that Mr. Haynes will have the dinner but that in the restaurant he has to pay for the tip.

Douglas Haynes, the winner, is an artist. A painter. We will all visit Mr. Haynes’ website to get acquainted with his work. The website address is at your service at the bottom of today’s blog.

Mr. Haynes also wrote: “I have been wondering how you come up with something everyday, or how you find the time, but I am glad you do.”.
It is all very simple, really, Mr. Haynes.
The issue of time is a matter of time-management. He schedules his day in a disciplined and structured way. From 8 to 9 every evening he writes the text for his blog. The next morning he re-reads it and makes corrections after which it is published.
How to come up with something every day is a different matter where management is not effective.
It concerns being creative. First there must be an idea on which he elaborates. Having ideas has always been easy for him. Like in his sequences of which a selection can be seen on his website. Each sequence is an idea and not two sequences are having the same idea. This was possible because for him it is simple to have ideas: they come almost automatically to his mind.
His VISTA-series and the new PS-series are made with the same method: each image based on an individual idea.
Most of the time when he sits in front of his MacBook Pro computer at 8 o’clock in the evening, he has no clue at all as to what to write about in the next blog. But always something comes up. And from then on the text makes itself. Even the punch line, or the conclusion, comes natural and is not looked for.
Like now, he doesn’t know how to proceed or what the punch line will be. But it will come into his mind and fingers.

He often has been thinking that this ability to get so many ideas easily is a result of a small accident he had in his childhood.
It must have been when he was about 8 years old. In the house where he was born and growing up, there was a special room where he and his brother and two sisters were supposed to play. One day his brother was sitting in a wooden straight chair and he climbed on top of the back of the chair. Balancing high above his kinship on the narrow ledge of the chair he suddenly realized that in fact he was in great danger. If his brother would stand up, the chair would collapse backwards and he would crash to the floor from a considerable height. Therefore he warned his brother: “Don’t stand up or I will fall !” Now it is different but that time he didn’t get along too well with his brother, and certainly not after that day, because his brother stood up instantly. The chair collapsed backwards and he crashed with his head on the floor. Some hours later he started to notice that his vision had become peculiar. There was a horizon now in the middle of his view and South of it everything was black. He explained this to the nanny, who he could see only to her waist, as well as the accident of that horrendous crash and it was taken so serious that the doctor was called. He was diagnosed as having a concussion of the brain and had to stay in bed in a dark room for a few days. Eventually the missing half of reality returned.
It could be that this concussion of the brain has moved certain clusters of brain cells into a position where they can be super creative and produce unlimited amounts of great ideas.

Himself, the admirers of his work, the history of art, all thank his brother for standing up for him.

The website of Douglas Haynes: click on http://www.dhaynes.com
For sequences, the VISTA-series and the PS-series: click on http://www.szulc.info

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Anonymous said...

Your writing is amusing. However, there are many amusing blogs.

There is only one blog written by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski. How about letting us see into your work?

A friend of mine wrote to me about your image of a pile of stones blocking a dirt road. Would you publish this image and write about it?

Very truly yours,
An [almost anonymous] admirer