Thursday, December 28, 2006

50 lashes

On the door was written:
“The court for the morality of the people”.

Timidly he opened the door and behind a table three persons were sitting. Two mature but still virile women and a meagre man all dressed in black robes.
He was pushed by a bully behind a small fence opposite from the table.
“Are you this world renowned photographer born in Holland with a Polish father and a half Belgium/half Dutch mother currently residing in Mexico?” the most threatening looking woman asked with a harsh voice.
“Yes, I am “ he replied upholding a posture of dignity.
“Reply with due respect to this court!!!”
“Yes, Madam”.
“You are accused of filibustering and philandering in a most serious manner undermining the morality of the people in a widespread way.”
“I don’t understand why you have those accusations, Madam. I am not aware I did anything wrong.”
“Have you or haven’t you been devoting all your time to your private obsession, what you call yourself “pioneering in photography”?”
“Yes, Madam, this is true”.
“Have you or haven’t you been trying to lure an innocent young woman, you call yourself “The Princess”, into a romantic affaire?”
“This is also true, your Honour”.
“These are acts the morality of the people despise and condemn as anti-social and too extravagant. What do you have to say in your defence?”
“Well, your Honour, not very much as only that I couldn’t have done otherwise. I love photography and have strong feelings for this lady I call “The Princess”.
“Silence!!! No such frivolities in this court!!!! The court will retire and give judgement in half an hour”.


The bully pushed him to his feet: the judges came back into the room and seated themselves again behind the table.
“We have come to an unanimous verdict. You have been demonstrating the worst kind of social behaviour and will be punished with 50 lashes. After this cruel but deserved lashing you will be asked if you will accept a way of living acceptable to the morality of the people. If you insist to have intentions to continue your appalling activities, you will be deported to the unknown. Artoss, give this man 50 lashes and be sure they are hard ones. ”
From a closet, Artoss, the bully, got a mean looking whip, ripped the clothes from the condemned, tied him to a pole and merciless executed the verdict.

“You must realise now how serious your crime has been feeling the pain of the punishment. And we as a court ask you, but only once: are you going to change your ways and become a morality abiding citizen?”
Hardly able to stand on his feet let alone to speak, he whispered: “There is no morality but my own”.
This inflamed the mature but still virile female judge: “Artoss, to the unknown with this man!!!”
The bully grabbed and dragged him to a corner of the room where a rarely used small door was opened. He was thrown in there and fell into what seemed a dark tunnel going downwards, rolling on the floor, unable to stop himself, until eventually he landed somewhere flat on his belly.
He was dizzy and dazed and still in serious pain but looking up he noticed he was in a meadow. The sun was shining. There were flowers and butterflies. Birds were happily singing. It was nice and warm.

In the distance he saw somebody standing. He got to his feet and walked towards the person. When he was close he saw it was The Princess. She looked more beautiful than ever. She opened her arms to welcome him and in one hand she had a rose and in the other hand a camera.

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