Monday, December 18, 2006

Researching phenomenons

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If more than one person announces herself/himself the competition will be cancelled having become compromised. But he doesn’t expect that more than one of his loyal and fervent blogreaders will claim victory.
First price is a dinner with the protagonist of this blog and the lucky winner can indicate if this price will be accepted. If so, further arrangements, like maybe obtaining a visa and an airplane ticket, depending where the winner is living, will need to be made.
Due to the success of this competition, many people logged in, often frequently, eager to win this special price, a new exciting contest is announced.

The 500.000th visitor of this blog will be awarded a car.

Meanwhile strange things are happening where he is now. It is called Punta Boca del Salado and rather far from the civilised world. We could call it the boondocks. There is no electricity here nor running water, telephone nor can mobile phones get a signal. Besides the Gonzales family there are several American persons living nearby in beautiful houses next to the beach. Many of them are his friends. Actually, one incredible house built by an American from Silicone Valley is for sale. For 7.6 million Dollars and people interested are invited to use above e-mail address for more information about this exclusive property.

The strange things happening is not the house for sale, in which the owner has never lived, but when he makes his daily post-siĆ«sta walk he sees sometimes constructed on the beach what looks like voodoo-statues. Or pagan altars. In any case, constructions of weird objects maybe used for suspicious rituals. He doesn’t know who makes these scaring and puzzling statues and he tends to believe now that several of his American friends are maybe having some sort of sect with reunions around those totems worshipping the sea or possibly the hamburger.
He plans to do more research about this phenomenon.

Another strange thing happening is that he has a long time friend from the United States who spends part of the year at Punta Boca del Salado as well. He sees the friend rather frequently but each time this man is totally different. At first he never knows who it is until from the conversation he understands it is his long time friend again. It is like the friend has 1000 faces and every meeting a new one. This is very confusing and he plans to do more research about this phenomenon.

Also very strange is that in the evening, when it is very dark, and he walks to his motor home after the visit to the Gonzales family, he looks up to the sky where he can see billions of twinkling stars and even the Galaxy. But contrary to former visits to Punta Boca del Salado, the star constellation called “Orion” is in a totally different place. Somehow it has moved to another place in the sky. It used to be right above his encampment while now someone has put it right above the sea near the horizon. This he finds very strange but he plans to do more research about this phenomenon.

But most strange thing happening is that he noticed that after a conversation with his Princess, the rest of the day he is in an excellent mood and sings and whistles and always looks at the bright side of life. While when the daily conversation has not happened, Princess is a very busy person, he is in not such a good mood at all. He then wonders what those others on the crosses are singing about. Gumaro Gonzales, his long time friend, when sharing the evening dinner, notices immediately him being in a somber mood and unfortunately starts laughing loudly. Gumaro believes it is very funny that his mood depends whether he has been in touch with his Princess or not. That makes him wonder about what is going on but he plans to do more research about this phenomenon.

Hopefully he is available for a new blog tomorrow because it seems he has a lot of research to do.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it is and not me ?

Anonymous said...

Must be the water causing these strange events. Stop bathing for awhile see if they go away.