Friday, December 22, 2006


There are daily activities at Punta Boca del Salado and one of them is meditation.

Human beings have the ability to think but most people live under the domination of it. Most people are unable to be in charge of their thinking and use it simply as a tool only. Like in hectic or difficult situations: the mind spins and spins which is the thinking out of control and dominantly present in a most devastating way.
It is like dogs. They are great animals and wonderful companions but they must know their place. They always try to become the master so that the owner must discipline them and always let them know what is their position in the scheme of things.

For being the master of our thinking we have meditation. To put thinking in its right place and consequently have the freedom to be who we are. It has to be a daily exercise because thinking always looks for opportunities to get on top.
Osho has been a strong influence to turn to meditation and a great teacher to adapt the most adequate way.
See it as sitting in a theatre. Comfortable in a chair. We see the stage. And on this stage our thoughts appear. Instead of being INSIDE those thoughts, we are OUTSIDE those thoughts and simply observe them. We see them come on stage, do their act and retreat between the coulisses.
This is a very helpful, though not easy, exercise. Easily we slip into being INSIDE thoughts. Becoming a passionate participant instead of a neutral observer.
Just try it. Close the eyes for a minute and try to see as on a stage the thoughts coming, being and going.
It is something to learn to do by giving it love and attention and having the discipline to do it daily. Once it becomes effective it has magical results.

Some people use music or sounds to accompany the meditation.
Klaus Wiese, a German composer and musician from Munich, has made wonderful music that could be useful to accompany a meditation.
It is not music as we know, but more sounds of magic allure. Klaus Wiese uses Tibetan Singing Bowls a lot and they are well known for having healing vibrations. There are therapies where Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed next to the body of a person and softly touched with a piece of wood. The sound is in fact vibrations and these merge with the energy field of the person. When there are disturbances in the energy field of the person, the vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls re-adjust them into a more harmonious pattern.

The Dalia Lama has been giving his opinion about meditation:

To many people meditation, chakras, the third eye and energy fields are abracadabra and/or a load of crap.
That opinion is OK. Because it is a personal thing. It concerns nobody else. It is a private choice.
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