Sunday, December 3, 2006

So ?

So ? Is he actually making any new work, this pioneering photographer? Entering and conquering new visual territories or just spending his time thinking and writing about love, Mimi and Gorba the dog, and checking frequently the directions in which the butterflies in his belly are flying?

His intention is indeed to make new images in his PS-series but since he has arrived with the Gonzales, the weather has turned bad and for days now it is windy and cloudy and rather unpleasant.
This is not necessarily a bad thing because several hours of the day he needs to spend on the Internet managing his photographic practice.
There are exciting developments with his project “The most beautiful people in the world” needing his attention. The production of the part of the project in Paris is getting more and more serious and the pre-production of the visits to the last two countries is quickly evolving.
There are always e-mails from people, unknown to him, who have discovered his work and like to express their interest and he always responds to those messages.
Often there are requests for contributions to magazines or publications to reply to.
Besides handling by Internet banking and making phone calls and communicate with friends through MSN.

On top of all this he has also made a major decision with far reaching consequences. The motor home bought March 3, 2006, he is selling.
His four-wheel drive pick-up truck camper as well.
Isn’t this a weird way of doing things in life? To buy a brand new motor home to sell it only 9 months later? Not for him. He bought this monumental house in Cadaques, Spain in 2001, moved into it to learn it was not to his liking and sold it within 6 weeks.
Now he has the same experience. Like the house in Cadaques, the Lazy Daze motor home is beautiful. Very well made. Very luxurious. But he doesn’t feel well in it. And it doesn’t fit to his life style and where he prefers to exercise this.
Someone else will be happier with his Lazy Daze motor home.

Meanwhile he has started the procedure to purchase a four-wheel drive Mitsubishi Fuso truck on which a company in California will build a camper to his own designs.
This is in fact a project he has been involved in for several years and it feels like it is doing something that was waiting for him to do.

Meanwhile he has started his strict physical regime he exercises when he lives in his motor home travelling in Mexico. No alcohol. No nonsense food. Lots of fresh fruit. A 2 hours beach walk every day. A siesta after lunch. And one daily routine is his 45 minutes running. On the hilly and dusty unpaved road before the sun goes down.
A new exercise he is performing these days is opening his belly button to let out the butterflies.

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