Friday, December 1, 2006

Windy words

It is a fascinating book by William L. Shirer about “The rise and fall of the Third Reich”.
‘For hours the Fuehrer paces up and down in the hotel room. He is embittered and deeply wounded by this treachery. Finally he stops and says: “ If the party once falls to pieces I’ll put an end to it all in three minutes with a pistol shot”.

This Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski is reading sitting in the sunshine next to his motor home when carried by the wind a piece of paper floats by and settles near him on the sand. He gets up to pick up the paper and sees a text is written on it.
It reads:

“To love someone you must love yourself first”.

He wonders first who wrote this text and why this paper was floating in the wind. He starts to contemplate what he thinks of this statement. He wonders, is this true? Do you need to love yourself first before you can love someone else? To love yourself first… In his opinion this is an important and logic consequence of a society turned materialistic and hedonistic. It used to be that someone would love another person and the other person would love in return and this would create love. A person fulfilled with shared love. The love was something between two persons existing thanks to both of them. The principle here is first to give. To give love without getting involved in any self-love. As a result of giving love, love comes back and that results in a very beautiful and fulfilling love radiating from the person.
Of course, to give doesn’t fit in the doctrine of the materialistic and hedonistic society. There the motto is to take, to get more, to have the ultimate. Even love is confiscated to have more self-satisfaction.
The wisdom has got lost that to give is beneficial for all and to take disastrous.
Although this wisdom is very old and in scriptures like the Kabbalah,
Love is taken out of the social context it was always in and is now a one-man band playing for the own one-man audience.

Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski was until her death very good friends with Senora Manuela Gonzales. He used to sit with her in her kitchen drinking her coffee and chatting about life. She was a very wise woman. She would say that to love another person successfully dependent completely on the ability to be able to compromise. To make yourself towards the person you love not so important. In other words, to be able to let go of your ego and to give unconditionally.

To love oneself is enforcing the ego. Making it even more difficult to love another person. We see now so many people unable to love a special person. They love themselves while they have no love in their lives.

He decides to hold the piece of paper high up in the air to let it continue its journey carried by the wind into nowhere because in his opinion that is where such a statement belongs. Just like the person has been doing before him: this is why he understands the paper was already floating in the wind and not hanging as a note on the wall above the pillow of a lonely dreamer.

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TiogaRV said...

Michel wrote:
“To love someone you must love yourself first”.

No, I think not.

It is:
"To love somebody, you must know yourself first."

And, what is the meaning of know. It is understanding why you do everything that you do.