Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The dog, the doughnut and the tunnel.

Last night he was dreaming of a dog chasing a doughnut in a tunnel.
What the heck is the meaning of that dream?
He has this book on board called “Dreams explained: Freud and the subconscious” by Professor Doctor Hillary B. Hirschbeck. During quite some time he looked and looked in this book and found things about dogs and tunnels, but nothing on doughnuts. Therefore nothing as well on this peculiar combination of a dog chasing a doughnut in a tunnel. Obviously in Freud’s days there were no doughnuts, so good luck!
What could have inspired him to have this dream?
The funeral of Lupe yesterday?
The message he received from his ex-princess Marta?
Rather desperate he turns now to his loyal blog-readers and requests them to send as a comment their explanation of the dream.
To calm his heart and to become a wiser man.

The funeral of Lupe turned out not to be a funeral. It was a meeting of family and friends to pray and mourn together. Happening next to the small house of Lupe. About 60 people attended. Relaxed atmosphere. They had made an altar with pictures of Lupe, flowers and banners with the names of family and friends on it. His car was parked close to the altar and covered with a purple cloth and decorated with black and white ribbons. Car in mourning.
Once most were there, they got to their feet and were praying for 45 minutes and the woman guiding the prayers was in the costume of a man for unexplainable reasons.
He was contemplating meanwhile if he should make any pictures of this situation. To push people aside to get a favourable point of view to photograph. To disturb the serene and intimate atmosphere by clicking away. To have everybody’s attention being diverted from praying to the deceased to watch instead the activities of a photographer.
He came to the conclusion that there are two ways to be somewhere:

  1. As a participant joining the others and be one with them,
  2. To be there as a photographer which is a position of a witness being outside the event.

Most of his life he has been choosing position 2 but yesterday he decided to be in the number 1 position.
Not to disturb the friends and in any case, he couldn’t see the pictures he might make there would have any marketing power selling through his stock-agency.
That calmed him down because when there is a possibility to make pictures, he gets still nervous and excited.
When the ceremony was ended everybody sat down again and coffee and sweet bread was being served.
The mourning is not only crying and being dramatic but also just being together and enjoying the company and the closeness.
At one point he looked into one of the rooms and on the wall he saw a picture he remembered he had made. It was a wonderful portrait of the parents of Lupe and Ketcha. A picture he had probably made more than 20 years ago. Printed himself in his darkroom and obviously given as a present to the Gonzales family. He had no memory of this. He was surprised to see one of his images in the house of a Mexican family. And he realised what nonsense his thinking had been just one hour before about considering making pictures.
Of course he should have made pictures!
He should have not been thinking about marketing through his stock-agency but about the value these images would have had now and in the future for the people concerned.
They would not have mind him moving around during the ceremony at all knowing they would receive later the prints and have good memories for as long as they live.

It could have been done! He has a professional Nikon digital camera and in his Lazy Daze motor home solar powered Apple computers and a HP printer.
Until even he lay down to sleep he was thinking what a bad decision he had made and had himself sign a contract to never be so stupid again ever.

And then there was this dog chasing the doughnut in the tunnel….
But he will learn the meaning of this dream from the comments his fervent blogreaders are going to send him!


Anonymous said...

This is Dr. Frank Moon from San Francisco. I am a psychiater. The dream tells you clearly you are afraid of death and love. That is normal. You don't need my services.

Anonymous said...

The dream says you are upset it didn't work out with this person you call frequently "the princess".

Anonymous said...

Just on the run here to the dentist (boo hoo!) but, I hate a quick look at the blog. I think to understand the dream, you need to answer the following question,

What does a dog, doughnut and tunnel mean to YOU? Then you shall have your answer. I know when we dream of death it simply means that something around us is changing. The closer the person is to you (you dies), the closer the change is to your core.

Must work the same with the dog, doughnut and tunnel. If it were me, I'm a bit weary of dogs and tunnels and I don't particularly like doughnuts. So, for me, I would translate it by saying I'm having to do something I don't care to do by going somewhere I don't care to be to find (or get) something I really don't want. (Hmmmm, sounds like I was dreaming about going to the dentist.)

Anonymous said...

A doughnut is always a female symbol in the language of dreams. And a dog always a male symbol. In a tunnel this means they unify.

Anonymous said...

This is all too analytical. The dog is the rancho dog tied to a tree near your mobile home for misbehaving. He is always dreaming of getting away and chasing goats or people or other dogs. He is sending you messages.

The doughnut is the one thing you cannot have in the Baja! Try to find one out here! It is your subconscience announcing your unfulfilled desires.Maybe the Princess?

The tunnel is reminding you of your sadness for Gumaro and Ketcha losing a loved one. It represents a journey which shows no definite destination in sight. It is what people say they see when they have a near death experience. Very simple as always. Of course it could just be another dream about sex.

How about an analyzation of this dream I had. I sit up in bed in the middle of the night and pull out my mouth guard (yes I grind my teeth so I must wear this childish piece of plastic in my mouth, while I sleep, at least 4 nights a week. I wait until my husband falls asleep and then put it in and take it out before he awakes! Vanity!) anyway I throw it at the dog sleeping in his bed across the room! I awake suddenly realizing what I have done, grope around for the flashlight and shine it in the general direction I think I may have thrown it. I see my dog sitting up in his bed pressing himself against the wall and staring at this piece of plastic that has flown out of the darkness and hit him in the head. The dog has a look of great concern. Is this to be a nightly occurance? Have I done something wrong?

I feel so sorry for the dog and so stupid for myself and so glad the Husband slept through it. What would make me do that? What was I dreaming about?

Anonymous said...

you cannot simply stop being interested in a person like you pretend to do with your Princess. How much words you let go to be blown away by the wind, she is still in your emotions. The dream is about her.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a wetdream to me !

Anonymous said...

It figures that someone would write the last comment. Please be creative