Thursday, December 7, 2006

Cute puppies

He has a brother. And one of the things he shares with his brother is his zest for running.

Every day, when the afternoon has found its end and the evening is announcing itself, he does his Yoga and Pilates exercises after which he runs for approximately 45 minutes. This on the unpaved and hilly road, which leads from the rancho to the town of San Jose del Cabo, but that is 2 hours by car.
It is a tough run because the road goes up and down breaking a steady running-rhythm. And the knees get a hard time running off a slope. Last year he was running every day a little more until he reached more than one hour. That was fine except that he developed blisters on his toes. He understands that this was his body sending a message that it was a little too much what he was so ambitiously doing. So now he limits the time of running to 45 minutes daily which is hard for him to accept but he likes not having blisters.
But only 45 minutes… now he cannot depose off all his energy effectively.

Today was another run to be made and when he was about 20 minutes away from the rancho he saw two puppies lost in the road. Two cute black doggies. Obviously dumped by someone who wanted to get rid of them. They were scared of the running man and escaped to the side of the road and while he continued his run, he was thinking what a fucking asshole that was who had just thrown these dogs from the car. It was getting dark quickly and the puppies would not survive the night. The coyotes would find the doggies and feast on them. That was a horrifying thought. And he, being the last one before dark to see them, had now the key in his hands opening the door for the puppies to die or to live. He could ignore them and just concentrate on his running thinking it was all not of his business. If the people here wished to do it this way, they could have it. Or he could care for the animals and bring them to the safety of the rancho no matter what were the local traditions or what the Gonzales would think of it.
On his way back the puppies had moved to the middle of the road and demonstrated how to show being completely lost.
He stopped his running and he hates deeply to do that.
First he talked to the dogs. Asked them what had happened. How they got there. They looked at him attentively and accepted without any protest to be taken in his arms. A long walk back to the rancho where he carefully landed them on the porch of Alfredo’s house who was of course not there.
Yesterday he had brought from town a bag with 25 kilos of dog food and gave a portion to the newcomers. Fortunately they were old enough to be able to eat ordinary dog food. They were thirsty as well.

Now he doesn’t know what is going to happen. How will the Gonzales handle this situation?
During dinner he told what had happened. Gumaro seemed not to be too happy with two more dogs around. Ketcha mentioned her goats as if the puppies would attack them soon.

Would his brother also have picked up the puppies to save them from eaten alive by coyotes?

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Anonymous said...

So many puppies in the world with no where to go. Just like babies left in garbage cans. There is no feeling or repect for human life now. It is always someone trying to get out of a difficult problem and taking the easy way. "Let someone else take care of this for me," " Nature will take care of it's own it is not my problem." Why are we humans becoming so immune to suffering? Thank you for picking up the puppies.