Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The support supporting

“Could you please give me a hand”, Gumaro asked when on the way to bring fresh goat milk to the Pookey’s.
These days Gumaro is repairing and rebuilding the corrals of his rancho. The pens were he keeps the goats and some of his horses. The deadly hurricane of September 1 has also affected Gumaro’s rancho. Many of his trees lost branches or were uprooted. The roof of his kitchen was blown away. And the dry riverbed, in which his rancho is located, became a wild river destroying everything in its way. The corrals were flooded and partly simply disappeared. Now Gumaro has to dig out the river sand from the corrals and re-build the fences. This is done with natural materials and without machines. All by hand.

Gumaro takes the best of the opportunity; he is an optimistic man and re-builds his corrals in a more sophisticated and improved way. There is a huge tree under which the corral for the goats is located. This tree has suffered a lot of damage but is still alive and will have a chance to continue to grow.
Gumaro's plan was to prop up the low hanging branches of the huge tree with sprags. For this he needed help and also his cousin Esteva was stand-by.

It was a fantastic undertaking because it was truly a team working there and they were deeply enjoying the task. There was no hurry. No worry. No deadline. No stress. No competition. Not one playing the boss or the master. Every member of the team had an input and was appreciated by the others. It was like the three men and the materials were a harmonious unity and that the result came naturally. By itself. Without any forcing or constraining. The logic of everything being in balance.
When the job was done, the support in place, time was taken to admire the result. To see how beautiful and effective it was. And the team members were happy with the job they had performed together. Satisfied with the result. Feeling the accomplishment.
This is a simple story.
Life is beautiful when it is simple.

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