Friday, December 8, 2006

The Tree part 1

In May 2004 he started in Sao Paolo, Brazil, to work on his project
“The most beautiful people in the world”.
He published announcements in newspapers asking people believing to be the most beautiful in the world, to respond to be documented. Until now he has performed this project in 8 different countries and it is very successful.
(And come back here)

The planning is to do the last two countries in the coming months and the book, published by Delpire Editions from Paris, France, should be available in Autumn 2007.

Meanwhile he is masterminding the follow up to the project “The most beautiful people in the world”. And he has an idea which he is presenting openly now for the first time.
It is simply called

“The Tree”.

For this new project he is going to look and find a tree, which is at some remote place standing all alone in an empty landscape somewhere in the United States or Mexico.
He will install himself and his expedition vehicle next to this tree. With him he has sufficient supplies to stay with the tree for periods up to one month.
The project involves reporting about this tree in different ways.
Like his work made on a deserted beach where nothing was happening either, basically there is not much to report on a solitary tree somewhere in an empty landscape.
The tree therefore serves as a catalyst. An initiator. An inspiration. An alibi. A paradox. A metaphor. To centralize. To channel. To trigger.
The tree is to become a media event. Being there for as many people as possible in as many possible ways.
One of the ways is to have a web cam showing the tree permanently through Internet worldwide.
Other ways might be:

  • texts published in a blog inspired by the tree: “The tree speaks!” Afterwards to be collected to publish as a book.
  • reporting life on the Internet and with photography, for future exhibitions and publications, on possible events happening with the tree: a strong wind bending its branches, the way light falls on the tree, its position in the landscape, etc
  • there might be people passing by and they will be integrated in the media event.
  • people might learn of the project “The Tree” and decide to come to the tree also to have their creative input and output.

This project is scheduled to take place over a longer period of time. Maybe 6 months or more. This is one of the important considerations to purchase the self-designed and custom build expedition vehicle. To be able to go to a location not easily accessible and to be able to stay in one place for about a month. Therefore the Mitsubishi Fuso expedition-vehicle will be equipped with a water tank of 250 litres, 55 litres of propane, 4 x 100 watt Siemens solar panels, a large refrigerator with a freezer and of course the Datastorm Satellite Internet System.

Tomorrow, he will explain more about the thinking behind this project.

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Anonymous said...

Though most people walk by a tree everyday they usually do not notice that the tree changes everyday. I think your tree should be in a location that experiences 4 different seasons. Trees are much more expressive in those places. Their expressions are dramatic and you get to see them nude. A real look into their souls.