Sunday, December 24, 2006

The PS-series 2

A sincere interview.
Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski interviewed by Marta Serrano Saiz .

Where to start? One feels almost just about to have had a religious experience, a sacred moment where individual, nature and lens join in unison to led a path of visual sensations seeing your work. Is that how you also feel and put yourself in your projects ?

I have neither particular intentions nor ambitions towards the audience. If you feel as you described above, that is your personal perception of my work and has nothing to do with me except me being the trigger and/or inspiration. My attitude in my work is to do only what I feel I must do. There is a strong connection with my inner-voice, my intuition, my emotions, my sincerity and my spirituality and I blindly follow them.
If I learn people respond to my work like you do, I get a sensation of synchronization. That of waters finding their level.

I believe it is very important for you to get first isolated of your surrounding to be able to focus and concentrate in what you are going to be confronted afterwards once you are in front of your subject. Does it work the same way with nature and people?

Because I work from how I feel, from a connection with my intuition, following hints from my soul, I use methods learned from meditation techniques. To turn inwards from which to turn outwards. This is the method both for nature and for people. However, with nature it is a process of reflection: aspects of nature inspiring my creativity. With people it becomes a process of interaction

Is balance the right word to explain the existence of your images ? Balance between you and your subjects, between your inner life and the out coming, between reality and subconscious?

Yes, it is a balance.
And later, it is a balance between the image I made and the perception of the viewer. This is very important to me because for me photography is a medium of communication. Therefore my ambition is always in every case that my images can be understood. I study therefore a lot how people perceive images. How they understand them. How they read them. Balance between two persons can only be achieved in case the land on which they both stand is solid. This solidity is achieved by the quality of the communication aspect of the image.

What does make you chose for certain subjects? Is it your own reality, which feeds you? Your dreams, expectations, if any?

Of course. In fact I use my work as a therapeutic tool. Issues I stumble upon in my life I transform into a subject. Doing the subject gives me the adequate answers to my issue.

How do you think your images will touch the viewer?

Again, I do what I feel I need to do. To have success or not is not an issue. It is not an objective. It is an after-effect of no essential importance to me personally. My life can never be fulfilled if I make myself depended of success.

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