Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dysfunctional body

The Lazy Daze motor home is equipped with XM-satellite radio and this has radio stations like CNN and FOX who spend a majority of their time airing commercials.
Recently a specific radio commercial got much attention because of a voice, obviously in panic, exclaiming that timing was of the uttermost importance. The product brought to our attention was called “Rabbit-Tab”. What had “Rabbit-Tab” to do with the importance of timing?
It might not be known, and the radio-commercial fortunately explains it in detail, but VIAGRA works only after 90 minutes. According to the man talking on the radio this might result in catastrophe. Because timing is essential. Fortunately, “Rabbit-Tab” works already after 20 minutes. It is a tablet the man puts under his tongue, it has a nice taste, and it is indirectly made to understand that within 20 minutes the woman can expect what she, according to the radio-commercial, doesn’t want to wait 90 minutes for.
This blog entertains sometimes absurd and fictional stories but these blog-stories are not far from the reality in which this kind of strange radio-commercial is aired.
Its absurdity is coming from the product. Whether it works within 20 minutes like “Rabbit-Tab” or slower like “Cialis” or “Viagra”, it is a miracle of an invention.
As long as the woman doesn’t mind that the man’s excitement is not aroused by her but by some chemical, they could have a good time. It is therefore recommended that the man puts “Rabbit-Tab” under his tongue without his partner knowing this. Very good for her self-esteem and he can pretend to be Tarzan again. Many men might have had this brilliant idea already.

Soon though we will have “Tear-Tab”. There are situations in which it is appropriate to openly cry with tears and all. Like at the funeral of your neighbour’s dog or of Dick Cheney. It is highly embarassing to have no tears come from the eyes while the whole nation is expecting that. The same lack of a form of physical control, as for which Viagra is a solution, creates a shameful situation. But now there is a solution ! A “Tear-Tab” secretly put under the tongue and people wonder why they didn’t know you were so close to Puffy the dog or to Dick according to the tears which stream from the eyes.

Another revolutionizing product will be “Smell-Tab”. We know all too well friends who happen to have this graveyard odour accompanying their spoken words. They are not Listerine addicts because they are not aware of the damage they are causing to the friendship. Not conscious of the distance we need to keep to them. “Smell-Tab” is to save the friendship by offering a drink in which secretly a tablet of “Smell-Tab” is dissolved and in 20 minutes the graveyard has changed into a flower garden. There is a choice of lavender, roses or jasmine. Good news is that it also works to help farting friends.

Meanwhile for four days now no news and no messages from the Princess and to halt the feelings of fear to have been abandoned or forgotten are no tablets.

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