Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Pookeys

This blog is equipped with a counter and today or tomorrow we will celebrate 1.000 visits.
The person who will be visitor number 1.000 will be invited by Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski for a dinner, wherever that person lives.
The counter has the option to show who is the provider of the visitor and when the milestone has been reached, this blog will reveal who is the provider of visitor number 1.000 after which the particular person is invited to announce herself. Or himself.

Today, one of the activities was, together with his friend Terry, to put the two puppies in a carton box and transport them to her beautiful house nearby. Already two large buckets of water had been placed in the warm sunshine hours before. Next to it a stack of towels. Both puppies were lovingly washed in the first bucket with shampoo killing the many fleas they were entertaining in their fur. Rinsed in the second bucket and dried with nice, clean towels. In this open-air dog saloon, next, they were powdered with anti-flee powder and put back in the carton box to return to the Gonzales Rancho.
How happy they were to be able to dance and jump around in total freedom again.

Meanwhile, there is some confusion about their names. Terry has come up with the idea to call the black one with the white socks “ Diana Ross“ and the totally black one “Aretha Franklin”.
Later, he has been thinking about these names and he remembered he always had the policy to never give his pets human names. He had a dog, a briard, who listened to the name “Chien”. Which is French for “Dog”. And cats called “Battery”, “Zorro” and “Bambi”.
Until Terry came up with the singer’s names, he has been calling the black one with the white socks “Pookey” and the totally black one “Pookey Too”. Because that is what the puppies informed him their names were.
He feels now he should propose Terry to consider to adopt the names “Pookey” and “Pookey Too” too, because of the puppy’s own idea of having names.

Somehow, these two dogs, which are sisters, have been very impressed by the care and love they have experienced today.
When he went for his daily run, “Pookey” and “Pookey Too” followed him. After not much time “Pookey Too” gave up and returned to the rancho. But “Pookey”, although a young puppy, kept on running and to his utter amazement went all the way. More than 45 minutes running for a puppy at a big man’s athletic speed, now isn’t that an accomplishment of Olympic magnitude?
A car passed by of a friend who shouted: “A puppy is following you!”. Well, he knew that very well. It must have been a hilarious scene: the puppy, really small, running desperately after a large man…
He thought she would give up and that he had to return to get her later somewhere along the road to carry her back home.
But she made it all the way back to the rancho together with him.
He thought she would drop dead of exhaustion. Instead, she started playing with her sister right away.


Anonymous said...

Did your friend know that the puppies already had names and blatantly disregarding your puppies wishes, renamed them to suit herself? Why would someone rename puppies who had names already? This is confusing.

Anonymous said...

We like those names !!!!