Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Almost full moon.

Almost full moon. But a slightly hazy moon. Due to the strong winds blowing for several days now, the air is full of dust. On the beach are everywhere the letters that formed the words of the Beatles song of yesterday. By coincidence some letters fell together in a group and formed new words. He saw for example the words:




He wondered if those words had a meaning. If there was maybe a secret message from the Gods?
He went to look for a dictionary and checked the words. They had meanings indeed.
When translated and combined he had a message saying:

You always do the right thing.

That was a surprising and encouraging message he got there.
It gave him the idea to collect as much letters as he could find on the beach and throw them high up in the air. He wanted another message from the Gods! Again, like the ones which came out from his belly bottom yesterday, the wind took the letters and carried them to make them land everywhere on the beach.
Next, he went to look for possible words and, miraculously, he found several again:





With the help again of his dictionary he found the meaning of the words and the combination had this time as a message:

Stop messing around with our letters and words immediately. The Gods.

Quickly he retreated to his beautiful Lazy Daze motor home remembering the days he was studying in art-school. He had a friend, called Bert Schutte, who later became an important Dutch graphic artist. Not only had Bert Schutte a beautiful girl-friend called Yvonne, it is a memory dating back over 38 years but some stick like glue, Mr. Schutte also had a huge space to live in under the roof of a big house. He would often go and see Bert Schutte to play at draughts. Young art-students, ready to conquer the world, while the Vietnam War was raging on and they were calmly playing at draughts…
The owner of the house where Bert Schutte was living suffered of moon-disease. When it was full moon the man would loose his senses and disappear to be found some days later in a meadow far from his home.
What a magical phenomenon!
He wonders if all these letters on the beach and the recently received messages from the Gods is just a manifestation of the full moon-disease?
He suddenly also remembers that he has this memory of having been abducted by aliens. That might have happened during full moon?
Maybe, like a woman, he has monthly periods manifesting themselves with absurd illusions when it is full moon?
Tomorrow it won’t be an illusion though: he will accompany the Gonzales to San Jose del Cabo for the funeral of Lupe.

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