Saturday, January 13, 2007

Indian curry and French fries

One of the most enjoyable things is to have dinner with good friends and talk and laugh together.
We went in California, USA to an Irish Pub where also food was served. Recommended by the beautiful and super attractive Sacha in our party an Indian vegetarian curry with French fries was ordered.
Yes, this is the USA: in an Irish pub Indian curry with French fries.
The food was served on an oval plate and it looked like the chef had thrown up covering the French fries with Calcutta slime.
Consuming was only possible with eyes closed but at one point fork brought napkin to mouth.
Lots of trouble therefore in this Irish Pub in California where a band had started playing which gave the advantage to have to move close to the more and more beautiful and attractive Sacha for conversation and get overwhelmed by her hypnotic perfume to begin with.
A couple, about 80 years old, was dancing to the music of the band and their arthritis made them out of sync with the rhythm like they were in a slowmo going to end their dancing when the band was already back home.
Before a possible dessert could be contemplated the bill for the dinner was put on the table and a confusion of dramatic proportions arose.
In front of all the many customers present in the Irish Pub the coat of Sacha was gentlemanlike presented to her so she only had to put her arms into the sleeves to have the coat put around her perfect body.
European elegance probably impressing not only Sacha but the pub crowd as well.
But this tradition of helping a lady into her coat has either died out in the USA or was never imported and it is easy to imagine that if one of the two is not familiar with the protocol and the synchronization necessary for a successful coat-service, a hilarious struggle occurs.
This was one of those painful occasions.
Arms went into the wrong sleeves and a body entangled in the inner lining while the gentleman did of course everything possible to end the embarrassing situation. But it is like the tango: an exciting and lustful way to get international body parts touch as by accident.
So no wonder Sacha invited to have dinner again: “When my husband is out of town and then we put on the fog machine”.

Meanwhile an important issue has come up with the FUSO SANTEK expedition vehicle.
To have no propane in the vehicle at all.
Usually a recreational vehicle has a propane tank to supply the heater, the hot water boiler, the cooking range and oven and the refrigerator with the gas.
Some people, for several reasons, prefer not to have propane on board.
A propane tank is like a bomb. When in a collision the propane tank might explode.
Propane is also a killer gas. It can leak into the RV where it is deadly. All RV’s therefore are by law equipped with a propane gas detector. Cooking on propane requires to always having a window open because of the exhaustion gases.
There is also the hassle to have to find a place where the propane tank can be filled.
Because the FUSO engine runs on diesel there is a 130 litre (34 gallon) tank of the fuel already there.
On the market are furnaces, hot water boilers and cooking ranges using diesel. They are mostly applied in boats.
But the refrigerator is always either on propane or electricity.
Fortunately, Dometic makes a fridge using 12 volt. This fridge could be installed in an RV.
If so, no propane at all will be necessary.
However, the question now is whether the 4.5 amperes the fridge uses is not too high of consumption for the 4 solar panels producing max 300 watt in combination with the 4 batteries of 6 volt.

We are lucky we do not also have to run a fog machine on the system.

For more information on the Dometic 12 volt refrigerator, click on:

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