Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pure madness

California has been hit by a cold wave. 70 % of the oranges have been lost. A visit yesterday to the estate of a long time friend revealed how different nature is becoming. On this land in the South of California no rainfall has occurred for over one year. The hillsides are dark brown and looking ugly. The night before on the estate there had been frost and the waterlines had been frozen. The climate is changing: in the more than 80 years of his life the long time friend has never seen this kind of weather.
But in that area of California the booming building of large houses simply continues at high speed. More houses, more cars, more shopping centres conquering and confiscating more and more of nature. Nothing can be seen which is different from 10 or 20 years ago. No houses better in saving energy. No applications of alternative ways of having energy. No cars polluting less. No stopping and wondering what the hell we are doing. Like lemmings the masses run towards the cliff and seem unstoppable.
This concept arises dominantly in the mind when driving the Californian highways around Los Angeles and San Diego. It is never quiet and calm on these roads anymore. Always traffic jams and intense concentration of vehicles. Any time of day and night. This situation exists also in a country like the Netherlands.
It is madness.
Pure madness.

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