Friday, January 22, 2010

Die in peace

One of the most awful activities imaginable had to be performed recently.
Dealing with the heritage.

As with every human being, death will knock on the door somewhere in the future.
And in the case of an artist photographer, there is an archive.
Consisting of negatives, prints and digital files.
This legacy possibly continues to play a role in the world of art.
The images may continue to be published and exhibited.
The prints will continue to sell to collectors and museums.
All this needs to be managed and supervised in the spirit of the artist photographer.

In most cases it is the family of the artist-photographer who become responsible for the heritage.
But this is not always effective.
Sometimes, family has no interest whatsoever to get involved to protect and manage negatives, prints, digital files and the revenues.
And they are disconnected from defending the spirit of the deceased artist photographer.

In those cases other ways have to be found to safeguard the heritage.
In a way that it is professionally stored.
That it is effectively farmed.
And that the continuing income from sales, prints and copyrights and the possible capital is spent in the way the dead artist photographer desires.

Most common is to create a foundation.
With a board and statutes.
But that is a rather complicated matter.

Fortunately there is a bank, called the Insinger de Beaufort Bank.
To which is related a foundation called "Ars Donandi".
Qualified persons can have a fund with "Ars Donandi" as the foundation.
The money goes into the fund and the foundation not only invests the capital but also
donates based on the wishes of the fund holder.

In this way one can have total control over what happens with the heritage.
It is safeguarded, through the investment it can grow and the revenues can be donated to one's own wishes.

So one can die in peace of mind.




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