Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fog in the future

If ever, the near future is completely uncertain.
No path can be seen, as far as can be watched in the future, in the melee that give glimmers of the possible events.
This could happen.
That could happen.
Anything could happen.

Of course, isn't this always the case?
Never are we sure what will happen in the future.
But once a life has become stable and is in a certain rhythm, unexpected events are surprises and out of the ordinary.

Lives can become unstable due to circumstances.
For example, on Thursday is a flight to catch from Katowice in Poland to Eindhoven in the Netherlands.
But it is snowing and not a little bit.
Disrupting flights, trains and cars.
Therefore it is uncertain if the journey can be made on Thursday.

And then?
More circumstances surround to fog the future.
Making it unknown what will happen.
Circumstances of much more importance and far reaching impact than a plane being cancelled.
That may fly later.

There is only one strategy to remain stable and not to be disrupted by uncertainty.
And that is to stay in the moment.
To be optimal in the here and now and let the things come as they wish to enter the reality of life.
Therefore the choir sings:
"Welcome, welcome, whatever wants to come".

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