Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just being.

An experience that glues on the current situation of living.
A friend asked to be of help.
His sister had died and her house needed to be cleaned out.

A house in a gated community for retired persons.
Filled with things accumulated during many years.
Things that served a purpose or had an emotional value and suddenly lost all reason for being there anymore.

It was rather chaotic inside that house.
As efforts were made to empty it.
And everything that was seen, the kitchen, the sofa, the bed, all the things, reminded of the person who once used it and now was dead.

A tsunami of sadness and grief thundered on every person daring to go into that house.
To realize how futile life in fact is.
Every person building a fortress around existence consisting of objects that eventually are not more than destined to be trash.

Standing in that house of death, feeling it and smelling it, a memory from one of Osho's lectures came to mind.
That to be overwhelmed is equal to drifting out of your centre.
And that no matter what, one must always remain balanced and centered.

Hence, being in that house with the tremendous strong presence of the person that was not anywhere anymore, the exercise was performed to not be absorbed by sadness.
To not be lured into depression.
To not be shot to the dark side of the moon.

The best that can be achieved exercising centeredness in such a situation is a form of neutral presence.
Being there without feeling sadness, but also without feeling happiness.
Just being.


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