Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Safe in love

It has become a question to ask each time a couple that is together for a longer time is met.
The question is:

"Obviously you love each other.
But do you also sometimes dislike each other?"

And each time the couple answer positively.
They say: "Yes, we love each other but we also dislike each other sometimes".

The peculiar thing is that the fact they also dislike is not such a big deal.

Last night the question was asked if disliking, besides loving, is not resulting in a breakdown of the relationship.
That disliking is of such a devastating influence, that the love is totally wiped out.

And surprisingly, the interviewees all explained that to dislike within a loving relationship is not destructive.
Because of the presence of the love.
It is like the disliking can exist between two persons and can be experienced.
Can be felt but without dumping or projecting it on the other.
If the disliking is simply felt and not cultivated, the disliking will do no damage.
Because when the disliking is over, the love is there to embrace the two lovers.

Once this knowledge is deeply understood, one needs not to be afraid of feelings opposite to love towards a partner.
One can feel relaxed in a relationship and experience all kinds of feelings.
And feel safe whatever the feeling is.

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