Saturday, January 23, 2010


By car from the house in Amsterdam city center in Holland to Schiphol international airport.
With British Airways a flight to Heathrow, London, UK.
Another plane from London, Heathrow to Los Angeles, USA.
From Los Angeles international airport with a rental car to the town of Temecula in California, USA.


raj said...

dont you get tired of so much travel?? dont you feel like being in one place for some time?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the Western Hemisphere. I hope you don't plan to return to Baja soon. Many Baja roads were washed out by last week's storms. The bridge at San Vicente, 10 miles south of Encenada, was damaged and closed to traffic. The trans-peninsular highway south of Ensenada and a stretch of the San Felipe-Ensenada highway were also closed for repairs.