Wednesday, January 27, 2010

in melancholy and out

For two months life was not only in Europe but also together with the Queen of Dreams.
Sharing life in all its details.
An experience of the highest privilege.

But now there is an ocean in between.
The Queen of Dreams has to remain in Europe for some time before to continue the happy life.

This is why these days are filled with melancholy and sweet memories.
And strong feelings of missing the deep togetherness.

To suddenly not to be in each other arms is more than painful.
It is cruel.

How to continue this situation of painful separation is unknown.
Maybe it will be a story of simply suffering for the time it takes to reunite.
But it is very damaging and taking away the happiness of life.

Therefore it is considered to return soon to Europe to be with the Queen of Dreams again.
A plan only a man crazy of melancholy and totally involved with a lady and completely consumed by love will consider.

But the Queen of Dreams has another approach.
She tells him:

"I hope you are not dominated by feelings of sadness and that you are able to experience love as a source of inspiration and positive energy."

And is this attitude not much better?


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