Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is YOUR answer???

The evenings are quiet for the Queen of Dreams and her devotee.
Beautiful vegetarian food is prepared and a glass or two of Hoya de Cadenas, their reserva tempranillo from Spain, consumed when dining by candlelight in the beautiful apartment at Wolnica Square in Cracow, Poland.

It is not that more details will be revealed about this romantic scene.
But this will be about the conversation between the two that attention should be given to on this blog because most interesting subjects pass their horizon during their evenings together in Poland.

The other night it was about the theory that people say that one should be able to love oneself before one could truly love someone else.
If that is true, the major question is, how does one learn to love one self?
Are there methods or exercises to achieve this activity?
Can one learn to love oneself?
And how then to avoid egotism and narcism?
Not a simple subject and hard to find final answers.

Last night the topic was completely different.
The question was this:
if one would walk into the desert and would like to leave something behind that another person hundreds of years away would find, what would one do?
What to leave behind that not only survives time but will also have a meaning for a person that lives centuries later?
Suggestions that came up were to put stones in a circle.
Or in a square.
Or to make with stones the yin-yang symbol.
Or maybe build a huge pyramid.
No final answer was found but the whole idea was most thrilling.

And this leads to the fervent and loyal blog reader him- or herself.
What would you leave behind in the desert to be found hundreds of years later for people then to understand your message?
What would you build?
And what would be your message?
Send your project proposal as a comment to be published here so we all get enriched and enlightened.



Anonymous said...

Rather than what I would build, a suggestion for the pioneering photographer:find a way to leave your RV and it's contents, including your entire blog and all your published photo books, so they would survive over time unmolested. This, of course, would be the challenge in whatever was left.

Anonymous said...

throughout history there have been a lot of wall builders - societies who thought they could keep foreigners out by building walls. the great wall of china, berlin, and currently in israel and along the US/mexican border.

i'd like to build a wall that has buried within it all the nuclear missles the world has developed (deactivated), and on both sides of the wall, stairs leading up and over to the other side - a wall without walls and a symbol that we have nobody to keep in or out, and no need for bombs or arms to keep them out.