Friday, January 1, 2010

Gay 2010

In Cracow, Poland, the last evening of the year is big business.
People like to celebrate the new year in a bar or restaurant.
To eat.
To drink.
To dance.
To celebrate.

Most restaurants and bars in Cracow, Poland, ask a high entrance fee.
But for this money food, drinks and music is offered.

This approach to the last night of the year is very successful.
Many restaurants and bars have to be reserved long time in advance.
On the night itself, they are packed full with celebrating people .

An innocent visitor to Cracow who thinks to find a nice bar with music or a restaurant with good food and starts looking early in the evening of the last night of the year will be disappointed.
Nothing will be found.
Everywhere it is booked full.

But the permanent pilgrim and the Queen of Dreams had connections!
A friend in Cracow, Poland, has a vegetarian restaurant and although it was also booked full and entrance was only by invitation, the brave visitors were most welcome.

For 200 Zloty's (€ 50 / $ 70) per person there was all you can eat vegetarian food, drinking as much as one could take, 80's music and a small dance floor.

Once seated at a table and seeing more people arrive, it was noticed that they were women only.
And once this phenomenon was studied more carefully, it was understood that the trustworthy travelers had accidentally and coincidentally landed in a new year party for lesbians only.

More often it is stated on this blog that the adventures reported here seem extraordinary.
In some cases even rather unbelievable.
Or at least exaggerated.
What kind of story is it for example to read that protagonists are visiting Cracow in Poland and end up at a new year party for lesbians only?
That they were surrounded by kissing women who danced erotically together and were embracing warmly all the time?

The fact is that it is the truth.
How unbelievable as it may seem.

Somehow life is twisting and turning and entering fields of experience that are rather surreal.
To the benefit of the readers of this blog for sure but the permanent pilgrim sometimes wonders what is exactly the reason so often things need to happen in extraordinary ways.
There is a theory available as an explanation and this one has to do with how one positions oneself in life.
If one maneuvers oneself into special situations or situations that have the potential to become special, extraordinary things may happen.

It was a special and good experience to be at the new year party together with the lesbian friends.
Never did they give the feeling there were intruders.

While in Poland homophobia is raging.
Leaving the new year party on a wall this graffiti was observed:


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