Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cheese in front of the soul

In a photo shop in the city of Cracow, Poland.
On the wall images the photographer made.
As samples of his skills.
Demonstrating how he can photograph weddings.

One particular image attracts the attention.
A young couple.
She with red hair and he having a beard and mustache.
Obviously outside, because the light is natural and we see green foliage in the background.

What is so remarkable of this image is that although it is a couple getting married, they look rather sad.
Especially the girl has a look on her face of suffering.
Of having strong emotional pains.

Maybe in the moment of reflection when posing for the photographer her mind was imagining how her future life was going to be.
And did she see things that did not make her smile.

Is she sad for leaving her family and starting a new life?
Or is she deep in her heart not completely convinced he is the man for her?

Photography can reveal a lot.
When people are photographed they often show unknown sides of themselves.
Reveal what otherwise cannot be noticed.
And the person who is able to see deep in a picture, can know a lot about the models.
So, in case you want to avoid the world to see your soul, when photographed, brightly say "cheese".



Dawn Pier said...

I think that your interpretation of the image says more about the viewer than it does the viewed. When I look at the photo, I see a gentle smile on the face of the woman, contentment even. Perspective is always a mirror of our own psychological and historically-induced biases.

Marlo Broekmans said...

"In India you see the same dead-serious and sad faces at weddings, because it is rarely a romantic choice, but "fate"; especially for the bride. She starts a new life away from her family with little rights and often abuse."

Anonymous said...

"If you put a smile on your face, your soul will follow"