Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas without Jesus

Life is now with many people.
Quite to the contrary compared with last Summer when in retreat at the deserted Pacific coast in Mexico.
Surrounded by seven persons Christmas is spend in the house of cousin Jerzek in Nowy Sacz in Poland.
And this is a happy event.
Everybody is experienced to be together and share life.
Some things are communal, like breakfast and dinner.
Besides those gatherings, it goes as it likes to go.
Sometimes two persons are watching a film of Ingmar Bergman on their computer.
Sometimes two persons go for a walk in the rain being close together under an umbrella.
Sometimes someone disappears to have a nap.

One reason all this goes so harmoniously is the fact that it is a family together.
There is an acceptance of each other without being judgmental.
Each person can be what that person is.
It doesn't matter what is the profession or the income, the political or religious preferences, the feeling of togetherness and closeness overrules everything.

Christmas is triggering this harmonious social event.
While this religious celebration is almost completely ignored.
Surely there is a Christmas tree in the house.
And Christmas decoration.
But not one of the family goes to church for Christmas Mass.
No prayers at the Christmas dinner table.
In fact, it is totally disconnected from the original meaning of Christmas.
The celebration of the birth of Jesus by Christian people.
That reason is lost or ignored.
Christmas has become something else.
And it is.


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