Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stupid President

Isn't it a paradox to see a man that was awarded the Nobel Price for Peace sending 30.000 more soldiers to a war that cannot be won in a military way ?


raj said...

my friend...i hate saying i told you so..but i did!!!!!!!!

MELackey said...

I really like the fact that he tells the enemy how long we will be there. It seems to me they just lay low until we pull out and claim victory for themselves once we are gone.

Dawn Pier said...

His stupidity knows no limits...war is the worst of it, but his policies on the economy are either irrational or insane. He is currently blaming businesses for the lack of growth in jobs, when in fact it his policies related to health care, cap & trade and taxation that are scaring businesses and preventing them from hiring new people until they know how heavily they are going to be taxed. As each day passes he needs to accept his responsibility for the current economic situation. He cannot blame other administrations for the existing lack of improvement.