Wednesday, December 30, 2009

To have us home

The river Wisla, also known as the Vistula, streams through the beautiful city of Cracow where once Kings had their home.

It is a gentle river although it has its history.
For centuries it was a barrier for armies fighting towards the east and fighting towards the west.
But these days it is a peaceful mass of water fluently harmonizing with the stunning architecture of the old town of Cracow.

It is a river when it passes Cracow that inspires poets to write sweet words about existence as a most beautiful bargain.
The water passing gently and curvy curbing city walls once for defense, now for the admiring tourists.

A walk along this river Wisla today when the sun, that hardly had been up in the sky this European winter this far north, was going to rest behind the western horizon.
Together with people with warm fur hats and heavy coats wanting to stroll along the Vistula to enjoy the warmth inside the layers of clothes in the outside cold touching the face and the interior of the lungs.

Life can be gentle walking along a river suggesting to be a metaphoric mirror.

If this was not enough, there are swans swimming in the Vistula river.
Probably one of the most elegant animals populating this planet.
Amazing creatures because every movement they make is with grace.
With dignity and like in slow motion.

Watching them and identifying with their bliss elates the observer.
The gentle and fluent movements of the swans.
Corresponding with the winding river.

Is that moment life not embalming us?
Having us home?



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