Saturday, December 12, 2009

Demonstration of true love

When two people meet something beautiful can happen.
There is a possibility they fall in love.
The option is there they will start loving each other.

This is an incredible aspect of human beings.
A magical masterpiece of natural improvisation.
An all out attitude of being beyond control.

However, depending on experiences in childhood, it is not always a visit to paradise when two people love each other.
Because the feelings of love are sometimes surrounded by feelings of fear.
Imaginary feelings projecting worse case scenarios on the future.

Therefore, when a person begins to love and it is pure and strong, a lot of BS comes free at the same time.
And gets in the way.
Where it disturbs, sabotages and destroys.

Hence, it is not only a matter of enjoying deeply to give and receive love.
As important is to face the BS that is released simultaneously and to monitor it closely.
Not the BS of the other, because that is easy to notice and to criticize.
But the own BS.
To be very aware of it and to try to neutralize it.
By analyzing it.
Trying to figure out where it comes from.
What passed experiences are responsible.
To learn step by step not to be controlled and dominated by the BS.

This is a difficult process and requires a lot of understanding, tolerance and flexibility of the partner in love.
To give the other space and room to dissolve the BS.
What is a demonstration of true love.


Dawn Pier said...

I am reading a book that is incredible, in my opinion, and addresses how we can let go of the past in a healthy and positive manner. The entire book is about dissolving the ego, which is where all the BS comes from ("my story" "her story" "I came from a dysfunctional family")...he explains how we get attached to our past because it feeds our ego, which is tied directly to our personal history. He explains how to live in the PRESENT and to let the past and the future be. How to truly BE and, to BE TRULY IN LOVE, this is necessary. If the entire planet were to read this book, we would have a New Earth. And so, that is the title of this beautiful book NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle. I will write something about this for my blog soon.

luvglass said...

I truly wish you well, it's not easy falling in love again later in life. But I'm also reminded of the old adage - "It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks".
Good luck with this journey.