Friday, December 25, 2009

A special Christmas

In the family is a long tradition of being involved with photography.

From mother's side, grandfather was an ardent amateur photographer with his own darkroom.
And this before the Second World War in the Netherlands.

From father's side, this grandfather was also most interested in photography having his own glass plate camera and a darkroom before the Second World War in Poland.

During childhood, photography was around a lot therefore.
Also because the father of the permanent pilgrim was very fascinated by photography taking pictures a lot and also having a darkroom in the house of birth.

The father gave a camera to his son when the little boy was very young and supplied him with films and had them developed and printed.

Next, many years followed of making pictures with this family background of three generations being fascinated and linked to photography.

Last night was a Christmas dinner in Poland.
After the food the moment had come to offer the Christmas gifts.
One of the persons present was cousin Anja who lives in Paris, France.
She had a large present for the pioneering photographer.
Unwrapping, inside was an old leather case.

In which was a very old camera.

And a small notebook.

In which someone had made lists of data from pictures that were made with the camera in 1929 and 1930.

Cousin Anja said:
"This camera belonged to your father.
He used it in the 20's and 30's before the Second Wold War.
Later, he gave it to me because I am his godchild.
And now I give this camera to you."

It was a very emotional moment.
To have a camera in the hands that once was used by the father.
To see the notes about the pictures that had been taken by him.

But it also gave a feeling of elation.
A sensation of harmony and that fundamentally things are in the right place.
That all the years of making images almost fanatically and as an absolute necessity has a history.
A link spanning generations.
That it is coming from somewhere.
Realizing it is not an individual one day butterfly activity but that it is being together with others as a century old seaturtle.



luvglass said...

What a wonderful present, how lucky you are!
Best wishes for the New Year,
Fred Wishnie

Dawn Pier said...

How beautiful Michel. This is such a wonderful thing your cousin did for you - loving and thoughtful. You are a fortunate man to have received such a beautiful gift.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Love your friend,