Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Queen of Dreams

OK, fervent and loyal blog readers.
Your humble servant is happy.
Even very happy.

Actually, thinking about this statement, it is not exactly true.
Very happy is not correct.
It is more than that.

The one responsible for this blog is extremely happy.
Happy to the extreme therefore.

OK, extremely happy: but is that what it really is?
Definitely not.
Extremely happy still doesn't cover what is the matter.
It is still undervaluing the state of being.

How then to describe the emotion so dominating life these days?
Probably the correct spelling is ultimate happiness.
Or: total happiness.
Maybe: complete happiness.
How about: heavenly happiness?

In any case, the semantic is arbitrary but not the reasons.

A beautiful, beautiful book has been published.
A wonderful, wonderful opening of an exhibition has been taking place attended by almost 100 people.
A memorable book presentation took place instantly followed by heavy purchasing.
After the opening of the exhibition and the book presentation a dinner in an excellent restaurant was attended by about sixty friends and fans overpowering every birthday party.

This sounds like a dream every artist has.

In this case, a dream that came true.

However, above this dream come true life decided to overwhelm the innocent photographer with something that for every person, and that includes every fervent and loyal bog reader present, with something that is the most essential that can happen in life.

Which is that a person in our lives grows to be present in a way that you can look in her eyes and we feel love.
A person that you can open your heart to without fear for massacre.
Someone you can totally trust without being thrusted.
More precisely, to come home.
Home, sweet, sweet, sweet Queen of Dreams' home.



Anonymous said...

This is SO beautiful, Michel.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing life you have and thank you so much for sharing this with us... Anna

luvglass said...

So happy for you - enjoy!

JeffinIllinois said...

A toast to your happiness and success!

raj said...

congratulations on the book and the happiness!!

Anonymous said...

What makes life spectacular is not traveling around in an RV and snapping photos. It is having someone to share those experiences with. Congratulations.