Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The perfect society

One day Gumaro on his rancho in Mexico called and asked to have a look at one of his cows.
It had five legs.
One was dangling from the side as a useless extra.

A well known TV personality in the Netherlands has a hand with only four fingers.
When she does an interview sometimes this phenomenon can be seen: her hand looks like the one of an alien.

There are many more examples of physical imperfection with life on earth.
There may even be some fervent and loyal blog readers who may have three breasts or a foot missing.

But that doesn't matter at all.
It is only the body.
The cow with five legs can give milk anyway and one can eat french fries with four fingers no problem.
There are even people with no legs and no arms who manage to have a decent living.

Obviously, this posting needs now a twist.
A surprising new direction.
So that the above makes sense.

For example, a proposition to fix all incomplete forms of life by having them merge with another incomplete form of life.
The cows fifth leg removed and put to a cow with only three legs.
A finger coming from an unfortunate carpenter added to the incomplete hand.

Or how about going into the direction of saying that physical imperfection is nothing compared to mental instability?
That it is more or less easy to deal with physical challenges and most complicated with matters of the mind?

If that is so, why don't we just eliminate the part of the mind where emotions live?
We cut our nails too, isn't it?
To create a society where emotions simply don't exist.
So we have no pity for a cow with five legs and a TV personality with a hand with only four fingers.
They are just there and it doesn't matter.
And we can't love them and we can't hate them.
The perfect society.



Bouwina said...

But then we are no more than annimals, won't we?


Dawn Pier said...

Bouwina is right. Emotions are not the problem. It is what we do with them and how much we allow the ego to enter into the equation that can make life difficult.