Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look in her eyes in love

Each day in Europe now it is going somewhere doing something.
And each activity is interesting and enriching.
It is a fabulous time therefore these days.
Every hour filled.
Always challenged.

This is life at high speed.
Intense and fulfilling.

With little time to write postings.
Although a million subjects happen that scream to be shared.

We all must have patience.
It will come.

Extraordinary and exceptional for this period in life is that a particular person is loved.
Someone has moved into a special place in the heart and this is unusual.
It has been empty there for many years.
But this long term vacancy hasn't made the place dusty.
To the contrary, the person that moved in found a spick and span place like a palace.
With a throne and servants and anything majesty desires.

Drastically life has changed now as it is closely connected to the one that lives in the palace.
Most activities are in synch and even planning happens with the other person in mind.

Remarkable is also that many hours are spend talking.
And when a session of talking taking hours has ended and each goes to personal engagements, soon the phone rings to talk more for at least another hour.

But most remarkable is the looking in the eyes.
During a day long minutes of looking in the eyes happen as if a fascinating film is playing there.
They are just eyes but in this case looking in the eyes is like visiting paradise.
Like whirling westwards to the sun for warmth and intensity.
The Queen of Dreams has greenish eyes and they happen to change from being green meadows in the Swiss Alps dotted with Edelweiss flowers to a Hungarian puszta where wild horses run.
Singer Anne Lennox of the Eurythmics sang: let me drown in the blue of your eyes.
That though is considered rather exaggerated: why not live a little more to look in her eyes in love ?


RonMack said...

Michael, I am so happy for you and the state of life (and state of mind) in which you are occupying. Having been married to my lady for 42 1/2 years, we have come quite complacent, very assuming; taking each other for granted. I guess that is ok. However, the new emotions felt like you are experiencing must be quite a thrill. Enjoy! RonMack (The Arkansas Architect).

luvglass said...

There's nothing as good as "later" love. Enjoy, my friend!