Sunday, December 13, 2009

The subconscious changed its mind !

Living as a permanent pilgrim has fantastic advantages.
Life becomes kaleidoscopic.
All the time new places are reached where new things happen.
This challenges the own capacities and talents.
And enriches and enlarges the volume of experiences.
It makes the permanent pilgrim grow into becoming a more complete person.

It is a fascinating and happy life.
To be a no nonsense nomad feeling at home everywhere the campfire burns.

But most part of the life has not been lived as a permanent pilgrim.
Most years were lived in a house in a town in a country on a continent.
And this condition has entered very deep in the depths of the being.
With as a result disturbing dreams.
The subconscious announcing its opinion about living without a home and moving to new destinations constantly.
By usually offering dreams telling that no place to stay can be found .
Moving around in a country or a town looking for shelter that is not available.
Most strong of these dreams is the feeling of being lost.
Of desiring strongly a place to stay and learning it simply is not there.

Always, when realizing these dreams the next morning, there is surprise.
There is in reality no issue of not being able to find a place to stay.
In every circumstance that has been experienced, always a place to stay was found.
Hence, it is a baseless fear but the subconscious keeps on feeding the dreams with the subject.
Dreams that are most unpleasant.

However, for the last couple of months, these disturbing dreams have vanished.
And last night, the most pleasant dream ever occurred.
It was a dream about traveling and wherever destiny was, many beds were available to sleep.
It was totally amazing.
Reaching somewhere, voila, several beds were waiting to sleep in.

What is so incredible is that the new dream is completely the reverse of the older dreams.
Instead of being unable to find a place to stay, suddenly life is surrounded with many places to stay.
The subconscious has made a 180 degree turn.

Therefore, this morning waking up and realizing the new fantastic dream, a tremendous joy and bliss was felt.
A gigantic happiness.
And thankfulness and gratitude.
Finally the subconscious likes to travel too.


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