Sunday, December 20, 2009

Drowning and surviving

More than ever it is uncertain in what direction the river of life will flow.
It could be straight ahead.
It could be east or west.
But never where it came from.

Of course there are preferences and hopes about the future.
Who is not thinking sometimes about continuation of happiness, good health and prosperity?
But there is the knowledge, in case one is not a fool, that everything that is up now, can be down next.
Everything that is down now, can be up the next moment.

There is only one way to escape from this insecurity.
And that is to be totally in the moment.
Excluding the past and the future.
To be filled up completely and absorbed by what is going this very instant.

This is a theory that is convincing.
But not so easy to practice.
How to eliminate to worry?
To block the vistas of the future appearing in the mind's eye?
To stop the fantasies and the scenarios imagined to possibly happen?

One possible way is to simplify life.
To take away all irrelevant potential sources of worry.
This is why we have monks and nuns who lock themselves up not only in a building but who also isolate themselves from social contacts.
To simplify life for having no obstacles to reach God.

To be totally with God is to be beyond life as we live it.
A far away situation.
Because right now, life is like being in a wild sea struggling desperately to avoid drowning.


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