Thursday, December 10, 2009

Drama in return

These days persons all around the Netherlands are visited that have been photographed 22 years ago.
At the time, photo projects were performed where each time two people were compared with each other.
For example, a 21 year old girl that believed she was beautiful and a 21 year old girl that thought she was not beautiful.
Both were followed during days with a camera and documented how they lived.
The results were published in one picture story in a magazine.
Another example were two guys: one focused to make a successful career in his life and the other guy satisfied to be without a job and enjoying a life free of work.

About six months ago the idea was born to try to find these four persons to learn what happened in their lives and how they are living now.

It was not an easy job to find them, but the Queen of Dreams managed miraculously to track the four people down.

Until now three people have been visited and long conversations have been taking place with them.
It is very hard to explain why in each life of those three dramatic things have been happening.
Not one of them has had a normal life.
Each has experienced a shocking, mind blowing and incredible event.

Of course, this had not been the intention or the plan when at the time they were selected and asked to participate in the photo project.
22 years ago they were chosen and they decided to participate because it harmonized with the idea of the photo project.

There is speculation now why it is that each life is so spectacular of those three.
Has it been karma?
Or is it that the photographer has a special radar to spot extraordinary people?
Or is it just simple coincidence?

In any case, these questions are irrelevant because here are those three people that have been documented 22 years ago and who have now behind them an extraordinary life.
Opening up the possibility to do a new story.
Telling how they were, what happened and how they are now.
A story with not too many pictures but with a lot of text explaining where they came from, the turbulence they have experienced and how they landed.

Hence, voila, a new project.
More work to do.


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